Celebrity Pride Parade Grand Marshall

Jennifer: "What a parade, San Francisco. What a gorgeous, glorious gay gathering. What a celebration of pride and liberation and diversity and love. No other city does love like you do it here in San Francisco -- with your architecture, your hills and bridges and your spectacular mayor who stands brazenly in the face of the most archaic administration in modern history. While so many politicians seem to be pushing the politics of hate,Mayor Newsome advocates for the politics of love.
As I rode down Market Street, I was surrounded by it -- love -- in every variety, in every race and class, every size and shape, every language and orientation and allegiance. This is a city that revolves around love, where multitudes have congregated explicitly because love is irrepressible. This is a parade that shouts out the power of love even in the faces of fools who would try to suppress it. I'm incredibly moved, right now, to be looking out into this vast sea of love, and grateful and privileged to represent one small facet of it in my role on The L Word.
Sometime in the spring of 2002, I was hiking, thinking to myself, "What do I want to do next?" And I thought, "I want to do a love story. I want to do a great, wonderful, deep and profound, full of obstacles, ultimately triumphant love story." I made my wish and kept walking. A week later Showtime called me and asked me to join the cast of their new series, portraying a woman loving woman. Wow. Count on the universe to take what you wish for and toss it back at you with much more profundity and complexity than you ever could have possibly imagined in your wildest dreams I'm still thanking the universe.
For me, this parade today is a continuation of that same walk I began those five years ago. And today, I make the wish that we take this parade -- we take this pride and this love -- with us into tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Love is and will always be more powerful than hate. Thank you, San Francisco, for letting me march in pride and solidarity and joyful conviction and triumphant love with you today."


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transcript by Motaterz