Jennifer's acceptance speech for the Golden Gate Award

The Golden Gate Award is presented to media professionals who have increased the visibility and understanding of the LGBT community.
Jennifer basically reprised her POWER UP speech for the occasion. The bits she added to the POWER UP Speech are noted here ...
Jennifer ad libbed the following before she started her speech:
"I usually cry during all of my speeches. And now that I'm pregnant and super hormonal, there's just no hope. So I apologize if you can't understand me through the sobbing. Thank you to Ilene for that really lovely (introductory) speech. I mean I'm basically just a selfish actor who found a really great part. Honestly."
She added this humorous aside to her "To love" paragraph:
"To love. Even when you want to strangle the person who thought overhead lighting in a maternity store dressing room was a good idea."
She followed her "To love" paragraph with this paragraph (which she may have written at the last minute in response to hearing that the Fred Phelps "God Hates Fags" "people" had protested the event earlier in the day):
"We live in a time when it has been made very clear to us that this human life is impermanent. At any moment our lives may be interrupted by a tsunami, a terrorist attack, a mudslide, or an earthquake. There are no guarantees that we will have tomorrow, but we do have right now. And so it is clear that this human life is extremely precious. And within this life, I think our most precious gift -- the one that we can take with us -- is our capacity to love and be loved. And when two people love one another, that in and of itself is a miracle and a blessing. So for one person to begrudge another person their love for someone, for whatever reason, to me seems to be quite ludicrous. Particularly in the larger scope of things. I imagine when that person who has spent so much of their time condemning others, reaches the gate of Heaven, St. Peter or Lassie or Harvey Milk or Anne Bancroft -- whoever is guarding the gate -- will say to them "You goof! You missed the most important thing: Love. Now go back and try again!"
At the end of the paragraph where she says that lots of people recognize their own humanity in the stories of a group of lesbians in West Hollywood, she added this:
"And therein lies the power and potential beauty of television."
And she ended with:
"Thank you so much to GLAAD for this award and for their fine work and for their encouragement and support. Good night."


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transcript by Motaterz